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Welcome to the WHIZARD Wiki

The long awaited release of version 2 of WHIZARD was unleashed on Monday, April 12th, 2010 ...


Details about the WHIZARD 2 installation can be found here.

Getting Started


Here's a list of simple, but complete physics applications that can get you started immediately. Just run

   whizard -r example.sin

after compiling and installing WHIZARD.

Caveat: most of these examples are distributed with very minor variations in the directory share/examples and installed in .../share/whizard/examples/.

(Uncommon) Build Problems

Here's a list of not so common problems that you might encounter when building WHIZARD that didn't make it into the 2.0.0 release INSTALL file. See here the most recent INSTALL file.

The following problem applies only to version 2.0.0 and is solved in all follow-up versions! When you compile with the NAG 5.2 Fortran 2003 Compiler and encounter the following problem:

Panic: ../../../../src/omega/tests/omega_interface.f90: Unexpected cdtype (0) in upsinfo_cdtype
Internal Error -- please report this bug

then you probably compiled with a -g flag. Please note the following remark on NAG compilers.

Mac OS X Darwin >= 10.11

The security measures of the new Darwin systems do not allow e.g. environment variables passed to subprocesses. This does not change anything for the installed WHIZARD, but the testsuite (make check) will not work, probably even after make install has been executed. make distcheck will not work on Darwin >= 10.11. There is also the option to disable the System Integrity Protocol (SIP) of Darwin >= 10.11 by booting in Recovery Mode (use Command R while booting), open a terminal and type 'csrutil disable'. However, we do not recommend to do so unless you know exactly what you are doing.

The FeynRules interface

Release note:

The official 1.6.x versions of FeynRules do contain a version of this interface. So only in the case of the old 1.4.x release series which does not support WHIZARD out of the box you have to download and install the interface separately. In the first case, just download the latest FeynRules version from http://feynrules.phys.ucl.ac.be. In the latter case, please download the most current version from our download page and untar the archive (note that the tarballs don't carry version number, but are instead enumerated by the creation date as in FR-WO_Interface.yyyy.mm.dd.tar.gz). Use the provided install.sh script to install the interface into the FeynRules distribution:

./install.sh /path/to/feynrules

Prior to installation, the installer performs a version check. If the interface has not been tested with the FeynRules version, it will refuse to continue the installation. Although we try to keep the Interface in sync with the latest public version, it may happen that you encounter a version not yet validated. In this case, please drop us a note and try the "-f" option which overrides the version check.

For further information on using the interface, please consult the FeynRules manual and the WHIZARD / O'Mega page on the FeynRules Wiki.

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