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  • Version 3.1.4:

    Support Pythia8 interface for Pythia8 v8.310+; minor bug fixes for UFO interfaces and the testsuite.

  • Version 3.1.3:

    New compiler requirements: gfortran v9.1+, OCaml v4.08+; update on meson and baryon tables; several minor bug fixes for the UFO interface.

  • Version 3.1.2:

    Bug fix for (harmless) cyclic build dependence in WHIZARD core

  • Version 3.1.1:

    Bug fixes for UFO interface: translation of analytic expressions for couplings, length of lines in generated code sometimes prevented compilation; bug fix for numerical stability by kinematic mapping for s-channel resonances; minor bug fix for NLO EW infrastructure

  • Version 3.1.0:

    Completely general NLO POWHEG matching for hadron and lepton colliders; improvements for NLO EW for massive lepton initial states; O'Mega support for general SU(N) color representations and color epsilon tensor couplings; bug fixes: Pythia8 interface, VAMP2 event generation with indefinite samples

  • Version 3.0.3:

    NLO EW pp processes for mixed corrections (with both jet clustering and photon isolation) supported; independent variation of renormalization and factorization scales; NLO EW for lepton colliders: running QED alpha, support for massive initial leptons, NLL electron PDFs implemented; NLO QCD POWHEG matching for single-flavor hadron collider processes; event files for decay processes supported; WHIZARD core code now uses Fortran submodules; bug fix: correct normalization for processes with CIRCE2 beam spectra + EPA + polarization

  • Version 3.0.2:

    NLO EW corrections for many classes of pp processes; SINDARIN supports sum and product of variables, transverse mass as pre-defined variable; NLO differential distribution for full lepton collider setup and partitioned real phase space; CT18 PDFs included internally; bug fixes: photon recombination, NLO fixed-order distributions can now be read back in and continued

  • Version 3.0.1:

    Full recasting of ILC MC mass production LCIO samples possible; enhanced MPI parallelization with load balancer and non-blocking communication; first validated LHC NLO electroweak processes; several bug fixes and enhancements for POWHEG matching; several minor bug fixes, especially for the UFO interface

  • Version 3.0.0:

    NLO QCD automation officially released: VAMP equivalences for NLO, exclusive jet clustering; Full release for UFO interface with support for models with Majorana fermions and for SMEFTSim v3.0 extensions; Python interface for WHIZARD; many bug fixes, including: bug fix for new macOS Big Sur, compatibility with Pythia 8.301+, ISR pT generation fixed for unstable resonances, bug fix for tau polarization in stau decays; NLO EW splittings and collinear remnants completed; Support for Pythia6 settings in LHeC/FCC-eh mode, for LCIO v2.15+, for clang(++) on Darwin; revalidation of top threshold model

  • Version 3.0.0β:

    New and shiny WHIZARD API: WHIZARD can be called (e.g. for single-event generation) as an external library from any C, C++, Fortran, or Python program; NLO QCD differential distributions for lepton and hadron colliders completed (both separate Born/real/virtual as well as combined)

  • Version 3.0.0α:

    First officially released version of the NLO QCD automation within WHIZARD. Open for users, try it out.

  • Version 2.8.5:

    Bug fix for τ polarization in H -> τ τ

  • Version 2.8.4:

    Bug fix for correctly steering UFO models with Majorana fermions

  • Version 2.8.3:

    Final feature release version of development series 2: feature-complete implementation of UFO interface including SLHA parameter files, resonance histories, Majorana fermions, custom propagators; binary grid files for VAMP2 integrator; major bug fix for reweighting; major bug fix for event generation with MPI parallelization; running-width scheme for O'Mega matrix elements; Higgs-strange Yukawa coupling; scale and alphas can be retrieved from event files; bug fix for fast_wood phase-space setup

    Many e+e- related updates: ILC official 250/500 GeV beam spectra added, additional options and small bug fixes for EPA; bug fixes: (i) CIRCE1/2 RNG state forced always re-integration, (ii) numerical noise in ASCII event formats, (iii) beam masses and ISR kinematics for much more stable e+e- event generation with ISR and beam spectra, (iv) resonance histories with TAUOLA tau and stau decays

  • Version 2.8.2:

    Rescans with LCIO event files and LCIO alternative weights/cross sections, support for spin-2 particles for UFO files, compatibility with OCaml versions 4.08.0 and newer

  • Version 2.8.1:

    Bug fixes for UFO interface: correctly parsed carriage return characters and Mathematica-like symbols, NLO QCD for hadron collisions close to complete, Bottom/Charm jet selection, photon isolation, complete HepMC3 support, support for Intel MPI

  • Version 2.8.0:

    General Lorentz structures, matrix element support for general color factors, (almost) complete UFO interface (up to Majorana fermions and SLHA), NLO QCD corrections for final states complete, bug fixes for NLO QCD in hadron collisions

  • Version 2.7.1:

    Efficency bug fix, particularly for the MPI parallelized version; radiative SUSY neutralino2 to neutralino1 photon decays; bug fixes for NLO QCD corrections for hadron collisions; preparations to fully support HepMC3

  • Version 2.7.0:

    PYTHIA8 interface with transferral of event records, major refactoring of internal process data, flat RAMBO phase-space as testbed, handling of more than one RECOLA process instance, RECOLA matrix elements for subtraction terms, several bugfixes (PYTHIA6 interface, rescanning, system libraries for MCFIO/StdHEP support, check for mass sums)

  • Version 2.6.4:

    Gridpack functionality for simulations. MPI can be used now with the release, not only the svn. Bug fixes for color flows and the Higgs Singlet Extension model. Extended NLO test suite, FKS slicing parameter implemented.

  • Version 2.6.3:

    VAMP equivalences also for VAMP2, partial NLO refactoring: better quantum number assignment, complete initial-state QCD splittings, bug fix for weighted events with VAMP2, fix for OCaml v4.06, unified interface for RECOLA v1/v2.

  • Version 2.6.2:

    Transversal dim-8 WW scattering model, Higgs-electron coupling, beam particles can be accessed in SINDARIN, improved resonance shower matching, major regression fix for all BSM models with 7-digit PDG codes

  • Version 2.6.1:

    Generation of transverse momentum distributions of beam remnants for ISR and EPA, manually set branching ratios for unstable particles, fixes for resonance shower matching

  • Version 2.6.0:

    Full-fledged MPI parallelized integration and event generation, generating resonance histories and keeping them for the parton shower, alpha version of NLO EW corrections, polarization for matched top threshold, alpha support for HepMC3 event format, POWHEG grids generated during process integration.

  • Version 2.5.0:

    Full UFO support (for SM-like models, full Lorentz structures yet to come), alpha version of top threshold matching setup (with improved TOPPIK by Thomas Teubner), full OpenLoops support for polarized NLO processes, beta support for RECOLA, FKS ISR phase space for fixed beams, QED/EW radiation generator completed, improvements on build system, minor bug fixes.

  • Version 2.4.1:

    Alternative random number generator rng_stream, alternative VAMP MC integrator implementation, alpha support of RECOLA OLP, single-beam structure function for s-channel resonances, minor bug fixes.

  • Version 2.4.0:

    Major refactoring of process core to facilitate NLO infrastructure, infrastructure for UFO support, overhaul of configure setup, minor bug fixes.

  • Version 2.3.1:

    Complex mass scheme, major regression fix on SUSY matrix elements

  • Version 2.3.0:

    Substantial progress on NLO automation: alpha version for hadron collisions, resonance-aware FKS subtraction, full OpenLoops (also Collier) support; new BSM models for (pseudo-)scalars with anomaly-induced couplings, extension of cascade syntax (exclusion of vertices and couplings), CJ15 PDFs included, different (EW) schemes in models possible, WHIZARD GUI alpha version, inclusion of (Fortran) TAUOLA for tau decays, re-validation of recoil of ISR photons, validation within the LC Generator Group framework, alpha version of UFO file support (O'Mega only)

  • Version 2.2.8:

    Support for true quadruple precision; WHIZARD compiles with the Intel 16 Fortran compiler; full set of electroweak dimension-6 operators; NLO decays and polarized NLO processes supported; callback mechanism for event formats; FCNC anomalous top-charm vertices.

  • Version 2.2.7:

    NLO progress: fixed order NLO events, massive POWHEG emitters, more options for external OLP programs; Lepton colliders: Gaussian beam spectrum, bug fix for ILC spectra, revalidation of WHIZARD/PYTHIA showering/hadronization toolchain from ILC CDR/TDR + ILD/SiD LOIs, inclusion of 240/250 GeV CEPC spectra; CT14 PDFs included; bug fix for large factorized cascade processes

  • Version 2.2.6:

    Bugfix in channel weights for simulation, minor bugfixes, major refactoring of event transfer between PYTHIA6 and WHIZARD, unitarized tensor resonances, alpha version of POWHEG matching.

  • Version 2.2.5:

    Selection of polarized intermediate resonances, bug fixes for different event format issues, minor maintenance work.

  • Version 2.2.4:

    LCIO event format support, MMHT2014 PDFs included, massive QCD emitters for NLO subtraction terms, many minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.2.3:

    Model for NRQCD top threshold resummation, O'Mega virtual machine for bytecode matrix elements, alpha version of NLO infrastructure, internal refactoring of variables and all that

  • Version 2.2.2:

    LHAPDF6 support, correlated LC beam spectra (ILC/CLIC), GuineaPig interface, internal infrastructure improvements

  • Version 2.2.1:

    FastJet interface, CJ12 PDFs included, minor improvements, regression fix for external models (SARAH, FeynRules)

  • Version 2.2.0:

    Major code refactoring, new abstract object-oriented layer; inclusive process containers, LHE formats version 2.0/3.0, HOPPET interface, ILC spectra, improved phase space mappings, 2HDM, models for vector boson scattering

  • Version 2.1.1:

    Note that this is a rather technical breakpoint release: C,C++, Python API/interface, first infrastructure for CKKW matching, alpha version of multiple interactions implementation, MSSM model with triangle Higgs couplings, minor bug fixes

  • Version 2.1.0:

    kT-ordered and analytic parton shower with MLM matching, anomalous Higgs couplings, internal PDFs available for showering

  • Version 2.0.7:

    More infrastructure for user-defined functions, several bug fixes, running alphas from builtin PDFs, refined MLM matching, improved phase-space for narrow resonances with 3- and 4-body decays, more event variables in the analysis setup, run IDs

  • Version 2.0.6:

    Plugin for user code files, recasting of CIRCE1/2 in F90, unit test suite, many bug fixes (event formats, analysis output, ILC features), more OpenMP parallelization, new models, small SINDARIN revision, MLM matching

  • Version 2.0.5:

    Major improvement on phase-space setup and integration steering, most recent PDFs included, enhanced analysis options, static and relocatable builds (e.g. batch jobs), partial OpenMP parallelization, bug fix in final state flavor sum

  • Version 2.0.4:

    CIRCE2 reenabled, asymmetric beam energies, collision angles, e-p collisions, energy scans, read-in possibility for beam spectra, beta version of MLM matching, beam remnants and pT spectra for lepton colliders, alpha versions of parton shower and general anomalous top couplings (except for minor technical details all features of WHIZARD 1.xx re-enabled)

  • Version 2.0.3:

    CIRCE1 reenabled, ASCII file formats for plotting, speed-up in multi-flavor code generation, PYTHIA interface, alpha version of MLM matching

  • Version 2.0.2:

    Major phase space improvement, more modularization, extended output in log files, minor improvements

  • Version 2.0.1:

    VAMP as a modularized and self-configurable part, improved command language, GAMELAN plotting and manual, bug fixes, checkpointing in event generation, signal handling

  • Version 2.0.0:

    New release April 12th, 2010. Mostly rewritten version of WHIZARD in object-oriented and much more modularized version than WHIZARD 1. Restructuring of code: using of shared libraries makes re-compilation unnecessary, using autotools environment for building, checking, development. Extended self-/regression tests. Physics features: new steering via one unique input file for processes, integration, cuts, analyses, etc. Arbitrary cut and scale expressions possible. HepMC interface. FeynRules interface. Usage of processes from different models possible. Decay cascades including complete spin and color correlations. OpenMP support. More BSM models

  • Version 1.97:

    New and complete manual, minor bug fixes.

  • Version 1.96:

    Fixing two bugs in the color interface. Some minor misfits in the FeynRules interface infrastructure fixed.

  • Version 1.95:

    Fixing improper implementation of helicities for higher-spin particles.

  • Version 1.94:

    More unified configure and Makefile setup. Removing the buggy option for genuine f95 files. Bug fixes. Stop of further feature development for version 1 of WHIZARD. Only bug fixes and support will be given.

  • Version 1.93:

    NMSSM, gravitinos in the MSSM (for GMSB), and extended supersymmetric models included, SUSY Les Houches accord 2 (SLHA2) implemented, reconfigurations in the BSM model implementation, improvement of color and flavor sums, minor bug fixes.

  • Version 1.92:

    New Les Houches event format (LHEF) supported, Fortran 2003 command line interface added. WHIZARD approved as ATLAS software in their Exotics Group.

  • Version 1.91:

    New features: effective W approximation, in the graphics interface option for energy scan plots, lines, symbols, and errors.

  • Version 1.90:

    Major step: the event generator WHiZard and matrix element generator O'Mega now come as a combined package WHIZARD. LHAPDF now supported for external parton distribution functions.

  • Version 1.51:

    This version extends the previous one by new physics models: four versions of Little Higgs models, and toy models with gravitons or gravitinos, i.e., spin 3/2 and spin 2.

  • Version 1.50:

    This version mainly collects bug fixes and minor improvements and additions, some of them suggested by users. The color (QCD) treatment of O'Mega is now working and stable. In the MSSM model definition, a few bugs have been corrected; the model is now tested in all aspects and checked against Madgraph and Sherpa.

    It should be noted that WHIZARD now works with the current g95 compiler.

  • Version 1.40:

    This version contains an updated Madgraph module. It allows the user to define his own model, analogous to the CompHEP module where this has been possible previously. The model is specified (for both modules) in the file conf/models/MODELNAME.mdl.

    Further new features include the calculation of decay widths and more flexibility in defining beams for scattering processes. A couple of bugs have also been fixed.

  • Version 1.30:

    This version of WHIZARD has the MSSM available. You will need a recent version of the matrix element generator O'Mega. It also contains a revised phase space module, such that all six-fermion processes can now be treated by the default setup, and with reasonable efficiency. 8-fermion processes can also be simulated, although few cases have been tested so far. Furthermore, new features have been added to the beamstrahlung interface.

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