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Define the model:

model = SM

This is the CC10 charged current process important for LEP physics. No flavor summation for jets here.

process cc10 = e1, E1 => e2, N2, u, D

Compilation (optional):


We set the muon mass to zero.

mmu = 0

The final LEP energy:

sqrts = 209 GeV

Integrate the process:

integrate (cc10) { iterations = 12:20000 }

We set a luminosity of 10 inverse femtobarn. Note that this is roughly two orders of magnitude higher than the final LEP2 integrated luminosity.

luminosity = 10 

Define title etc. as global variables, that will be used by PLOT

$description =
  "A WHIZARD 2.2 Example.
   Charged current CC10 process from LEP 2."
$ylabel = "$N_{\textrm{events}}$"

Allocate plots and set up the analysis:

$title = "Di-jet invariant mass $M_{jj}$ in $e^+e^- \to \mu^- \bar\nu_\mu u \bar d$"
$xlabel = "$M_{jj}$/GeV"
histogram m_jets (70 GeV, 90 GeV, 0.5 GeV)

$title = "Muon energy $E_\mu$ in $e^+e^- \to \mu^- \bar\nu_\mu u \bar d$"
$xlabel = "$E_\mu$/GeV"
histogram e_muon (0 GeV, 209 GeV, 4)

analysis = record m_jets (eval M [u,D]);
           record e_muon (eval E [e2])

Simulate and write out the analysis:

simulate (cc10) 

compile_analysis { $out_file = "cc10.dat" }
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